Safer Roads Partnership

Concern has been raised by some residents about the speed & size of many vehicles passing through the villages and this has been referred to the Safer Roads Partnership. Cllr Adrian Parker has agreed to be the contact for any residents concerned about speeding vehicles, simply take the registration number of the vehicle & pass it to Adrian 710063 who will report the matter.

The Safer Roads Partnership is a joint force team for both Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police and its remit is to control and co-ordinate the delivery of the police’s Casualty Reduction and Road Safety Strategy.

The Partnership works with thirteen other public sector organisations with the combined aim of reducing the number of casualties and deaths caused by road collisions. The Partnership works to reduce collisions and casualties on the roads through speed enforcement, road safety education, training courses and awareness raising campaigns.

For more information on the Safer Roads Partnership, including information on campaigns, speed enforcement activity and answers to some frequently asked questions, visit their website: