About our Villages

About our Villages

Elmley Castle

Elmley Castle is one of the most beautiful villages in Worcestershire and probably in England.  The village nestles below the northern slopes of Bredon Hill in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The tree lined main street is populated by black & white and old red brick cottages.  At the end of the main street is the Queen Elizabeth Public House with its sign depicting the visit of Queen Elizabeth I to the village in August 1575.

The 11th century castle has long since disappeared and only earthworks remain.

The 2001 Census showed a population of 497 (up from 457 in 1991) living in 213 households.


Bricklehampton lies to the North West of Elmley Castle and the boundaries of its Parish extend from the top of Bredon Hill in the south to the River Avon in the north.

One of the village’s claim to fame is that it has the longest isogrammatic place name in English, with 14 letters none of which are repeated.

The 2001 Census showed a population of 215 (up from 173 in 1991) living in 64 households.


Netherton lies to the East of Elmley Castle and was ecclesiastically annexed to Elmley Castle in 1864.

The 2001 Census showed a population of 50 (up from 32 in 1991) living in 20 households.