Playing Field

Elmley Castle Playing Field and Recreation Ground (Charity #523131)

The Parish Council is responsible for the playing field. Part of the parish’s precept goes towards the maintenance of the playing field.


The playing field, originally the ‘Turnip Field’, was A Deed of Gift made 1st Feb 1932 between Ernest Stevens (late of Chapel Farm, Netherton) and the County Council of Worcestershire. The Deed made provision for the County Council to hold the property and to support, improve and maintain the same as ‘Public Pleasure Grounds’ subject to conditions contained in a schedule. The Deed committed the County Council to bearing the cost of maintenance and upkeep of the land and the costs of carrying out the covenants and conditions. The County Council was free to delegate all their powers to Elmley Castle Parish Council, which it did via a lease from 1932.

Over time variations have been made to the original conditions. The Deed restricted the gift to children and placed an age restriction of 15 years. This was changed in 1950 to provide for adults too, removing the age restriction. A restriction on games on Sundays was also removed. A provision for use for other purposes was made.

In 1997 The Charity Commission approved and established a Scheme which appointed Elmley Castle, Bricklehampton and Netherton Parish Council as the Trustee of the Charity. The Charity owns the assets including land and the equipment in the playground. As Trustee, the Parish Council is responsible for the administration and management of the Charity in accordance with the Deeds and its variations.

More recently the restrictions on making, selling and consuming alcohol have also been removed.

In 2007 a new playground was installed for children under 12.