Minutes of Planning Meeting held on 6 June 2017




 Minutes from a planning meeting held in the village hall on Tuesday June 6th 2017 at 6.30pm

 PRESENT:                    Chair D Shaw              Cllr J Strong                 Cllr G Hickey

Cllr K Mackison           One member of the public

Clerk L Yapp

APOLOGIES were received from Cllrs Speed, Lewis, G Mackison, Axtell-Powell and Stephens

PUBLIC OPPORTUNITY – the one resident present, from Bricklehampton had no objection to the planning application  17/000016 – but did have concerns that would be there would be enough carers to look after the needs of the children, and if there would be any expectation from members of the local community.  The chairman advised that the parish council had been assured at the meeting earlier in the year, that the level of care and support for the childrens home would be using staff with the highest level of experience and expertise and that the home would be subject to OFSTED inspections at regular intervals to ensure that standards were maintained.  Assurances at the meeting were given that the children to be housed at the Home would not be a risk to the community but were being removed from their home environment for their own safety.


  • Cllr K Mackison declared an interest in Planning Application 17/00907


  • 17/00907 – Bricklehampton & Elmley Castle Village Hall – single storey extension to side of the village hall – there were no objections to this application.  Proposed Cllr Strong, seconded Cllr Hickey.  All in favour
  • 17/000016/REG3 – Worcester County Council – proposed change of use and the conversion of the existing house (The Riddings, Bricklehampton) including the garage block, to provide a Childrens Home, complete with ancilliary facilities, to accommodate up to four children and young adults –  the parish council had no objections to this application but were disappointed that the application did not come via Wychavon District Council and that the consultee list had inaccurate information.  It was recorded that any further applications for the property would come via Wychavon District Council and that the parish council would be included as a consultee