Managing The Playing Field

The “Turnip Field” was gifted to the village by Ernest Stevens. The County Council agreed to administer the land in accordance with the gift deed.

The Minister of Education under the Charitable Trusts Acts 1853 and 1925 ordered a Variation of Trust The main change was to allow the land to be used for the benefit of adults as well as children and allowed the playing of games on Sundays and Good Friday for the first time.

A registered Charity was formed, number 523131 “Elmley Castle Playing Field And Recreation Ground”
The Charity Commission issued a scheme which transferred the ownership of the land to the Charity and appointed the Elmley Castle, Bricklehampton & Netherton Parish Council as Trustees, replacing the County Council.

A new Scheme by the Charity Commission allowed the sale of alcohol on the land for the first time, along with the holding of public meetings and giving the trustees the right to charge for use of the land.

The position today is that the playing field is for the benefit of both the adults and the children of the village. The decisions relating to the use of the land are the responsibility of the Parish Council (as trustees of the Charity). These must, of course, not be in breach of the current charity schedule