Hold Raffles

The power to hold raffles where the tickets can be sold prior to, and not at the location of, a fund raising event, comes from:

Gambling Act 2005

Section 98: Lottery operating licences

(1) A lottery operating licence may be issued only to

(a) a non-commercial society,

(b) a local authority, or

(c) a person proposing to act as external lottery manager on behalf of a non-commercial society or a local authority.

(2) A lottery operating licence may authorise

(a) promotion generally or only specified promoting activities;

(b) the promotion of lotteries generally or only the promotion of lotteries of a specified kind or in specified circumstances;

(c) action as an external lottery manager (in which case it is known as a “lottery manager’s operating licence”).

A copy of the Parish Council’s Lottery Operating Licence can be found here