Minutes Meeting 5 Jan 2017



 Minutes from a meeting of Elmley Castle, Bricklehampton and Netherton Parish Council, held in the village hall on Thursday January 5th at 7.30pm.

It should be noted that the order of the Agenda items was altered to accommodate visitors to the meeting.


  • Mr Gittings – Planning Application 16/02900 gave brief account of the proposal for the site.
  • Mr Moss – Re proposal for The Riddings, Bricklehampton to be used as a County Council-run childrens home – concerns raised regarding the lack of communication from County Council, resulting in false information / rumours / mis-interpretation of the facts.  Suggested that a newsletter / meeting for residents would be useful
  • Messrs J Shaw & S Orchard (Worcs CC) – Re proposals for The Riddings, Bricklehampton – advised that the purpose of the ‘home’ was to provide a safe and secure environment for up to 4 ‘at risk’ children, who for their own safety, needed to be removed from their home.  The rural location had purposely been chosen.  There was a need to keep the project ‘low-key’ with little publicity to protect the children.  Other CC homes are managed with high standards, and run by experienced and fully trained staff members.  Re-assurance was given that any child placed here, causing problems would be removed.  Reassurance also given that it was not a ‘bail hostel’ or for young offenders but for children who were not safe in their existing environment, and needed to be removed for their own well-being.  Discussed again during the meeting


1PRESENT:   Chair D Shaw                                     Vice Chair J Hickman                 Cllr G Hickey,

Cllr S Speed                                         Cllr K Lewis                                    Cllr A Steele

Cllr G Mackison (also District Cllr)                                           Cllr K Mackison

Cllr M Axtell-Powell                        County Councillor A Hardman

Clerk L Yapp                                    Messrs J Shaw / S Orchard (WCC)

Mr J Strong – proposed new parish Cllr                                5 Members of the public

2APOLOGIES:  Apologies were received from District Cllr M English


4CO-OPTION:   Application received from resident Mr J Strong, to fill the vacancy in the Bricklehampton parish – no objections and he took his seat on the parish council.  Proposed Cllr Hickman, seconded Cllr Speed – all in favour

5APPROVAL OF MINUTES from meetings 3rd November and 10th December – proposed Cllr Axtell-Powell, seconded Cllr G  Mackison

6COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORT:  County Cllr Hardman supported the request for a meeting with residents with regard the proposals for The Riddings.  County Council are proposing to make provision in the next budget, for monies on footways during the forthcoming financial year.  The parish council were asked to notify head of highways of any footways in need of repair.

7DISTRICT COUNCILLORS REPORTS – District Cllr English’ report had been circulated to councillors.  District Cllr Mackison reported that Wychavon had been placed third in a national ‘quality of life’ survey.



  • Lengthsman – a request made to clear leaves from footways paying particular attention to Main Street, all drains and the stream.  The clerk was asked to chase CC with regard the re-pointing of the stream wall.
  • Defibrillator – Nothing to report
  • Youth Bus – Two free taster sessions had been booked for 26th January and 4th February with further dates to be booked, monthly.  Fliers to be handed to children catching and getting off the school bus.


  • 16/02914 – Sawmill Premised adj. The Dog Walk, Hill lane – no objections, proposed Cllr Hickey, seconded Cllr M Axtell Powell – all in favour
  • 16/02910 –  The Cloisters, Main Street – no objections, proposed Cllr G Mackison, seconded Cllr Speed – all in favour
  • 16/02900 – Winterfell, Bricklehampton.  Following a site visit, it was felt that there were no objections to the temporary siting, and there was support for someone setting up a new business.  However, concerns were raised that the retrospective planning application was not the correct way to seek planning approval, causing inconvenience to the parish council. Confirmation given by the applicant that the only burning that would take place was during the initial clearance of the site but would not be burning commercial waste once the site had been cleared. The nearest property Yew Tree House would have screening if deemed necessary.  Seven Cllrs were in favour of the application with one against.  Proposal from Cllr Axtell-Powell to approve, seconded Cllr K Mackison


Payments made since the last meeting/to be paid:

HMRC – Allchurch Bailey have been given new login code / password to access account

  •    Budget / Precept – Full accounts had been circulated to Cllrs – with proposals for forthcoming financial year Lengthy discussion took place, and it was agreed that the precept would remain the same, with an added donation of £1500 to be made for the churchyard grass cutting in both Bricklehampton and Elmley Castle.  A request that had been made to Cllr Axtell-Powell.  Approval was also made for the parish council to become members of CALC in the 2017/18 financial year.  Accounts and budget were approved, proposed Cllr G Mackison, seconded Cllr Speed

 11.  PLAYGROUND / PLAYING FIELD – Awaiting the permeability test to be carried out.

12.  TREES – Quote had been removed for the removal of the Rowans, and works to the Hornbeams.  The clerk was asked to obtain two further quotes

13.  TREE WARDEN – An application from a resident in Bricklehampton had been received.  The only concern raised was the fact that as a tree surgeon by trade and running his own business, there would be a conflict of interest with regard any works that were required.  It was decided that we offer him the opportunity to quote for the tree works as detailed in (12) above, but should he still wish to be considered for the role of Tree Warden, we wouldn’t ask him to quote for future works.  The clerk would email him outlining the conditions and see if he was still interested.



  • Village Hall Extension – Planning permission was needed to be re-applied for, due to the expiration of the

time limit.  It was agreed that the parish council make the application in order to obtain 50 % reduced fee

16.  VILLAGE CROSS –  Still waiting advice from English Heritage

17.  CORRESPONDENCE – emails had been circulated to Cllrs


  •   The Riddings – Following earlier discussion in the meeting it was agreed that a meeting be hosted by the parish council in the village hall on Thursday 26th January at 7.30pm, conducted by Worcester County Council and inviting residents from all parishes, to present the facts and answer questions raised by parishioners.   Questions were raised as to why there was no formal planning application for a change of use, answered that due to its small scale this was not necessary.

19.  DATE OF NEXT MEETING –  A proposal was made by Cllr Hickman that the parish council consider meeting monthly, to avoid additional planning meetings.  Four Cllrs voted in favour, with four against.  The chairman had the casting vote, and opted to stick with bi-monthly meetings.  Next meeting on Thursday 2nd March 2017 at 7.30pm.