Minutes meeting 5 December 2016



Minutes from a planning meeting held in the village hall on Saturday 10th 2016 at 10.30am


PRESENT:                 Chair D Shaw             Cllr S Speed                Cllr A Steele

Vice Chair J Hickman   Cllr G Mackison       Cllr K Mackison

Clerk L Yapp

APOLOGIES were received from Cllrs Hickey, Lewis and Axtell-Powell


  • Cllr G Mackison declared a pecuniary interest in Planning Application 16/02509




 Cllr G Mackison left the room


  • 16/02509- The Rest, Bricklehampton, Extension to rear and side/garage –.  There were no objections to this application.  Proposed Cllr Hickman, seconded Cllr Steele


Cllr G Mackison re-entered the room


  • Land in Bricklehampton – The parish council are still awaiting notification of the required planning application to regularise the siting of the mobile home.  Awaiting a response from WDC enforcements

TREES, MAIN STREET –  approval had been received from WDC Tree Officer, Sally Griffiths, authorising the removal of the dead Rowan trees, also suggesting that the Hornbeams would benefit from the crown lifting.  The clerk would seek quotes for the work.

BANK SIGNATORIES –  Confirmation had been received from Lloyds Bank, advising that J Hickman had now been added as the second signatory.  It was agreed that two additional signatories were necessary, Cllrs Speed and K Mackison volunteered.  The clerk would arrange for the necessary mandate to be made available.