Minutes 7th July, 2017




Minutes from a meeting of Elmley Castle, Bricklehampton and Netherton Parish Council, held in the village hall on Thursday July 6th  2017 at 7.30pm

OPEN FORUM:  Nothing to report.

ELECTION OF VICE CHAIR– Deferred to September meeting

1PRESENT:   Cllr D Shaw                            Cllr A Steele

Cllr S Speed                                         Cllr J Strong

Cllr K Mackison                      Cllr E Stephens

Cllr M Axtell-Powell

Clerk L Yapp

1 Member of the public


2APOLOGIES were received from District Cllr M English and Cllrs G Mackison, K Lewis and G Hickey


  • Cllr Shaw – Life member of Elmley Castle Cricket Club
  • Cllr Speed – Village Hall Committee – Scout Group Representative

4APPROVAL OF MINUTES from meetings 11th May – proposed Cllr Mackison, seconded Cllr Speed.  All in favour


6DISTRICT COUNCILLORS REPORTS – District Cllr G Mackison report had been circulated to Cllrs.  A copy can be obtained from the clerk


  • Lengthsman – A request made for overgrowth in the stream, outside the entrance to the cricket field
  • Defibrillator – To discuss later in the meeting under New Homes Bonus
  • Youth Bus – Cllr Speed reported that an average of 10 children were regularly using the Youth Bus.  It is hoped to organise a visit for 27th July, with a further afternoon visit during the school holidays on 10th August.


  • 17/01139 – Park Cottage, Main Street – a planning meeting was scheduled for Thursday 13th July to discuss.  A site visit would be made prior to the meeting.
  • 2017/12


a)   Payments made since the last meeting/to be paid:

Accounts had been circulated to Cllrs and no issues raised

b)  HMRC Update –  The clerk advised that following a number of lengthy phone call to HMRC, the problems were now resolved.

c)  Reserves/Restricted Funds –  It was agreed that some of the parish council funds should be held as reserves/restricted funds.  These were agreed as follows:

Tree Fund                               £14,576

Legal Reserve                       £6000

Elections/Referendum     £2000

General Running                 £3000

Maintenance                        £8000 (Trees/Playground)

J Eaton Legacy                      £4541 (balance)

This was approved by the parish council

d)  Following essential repairs at the playground costing £2198, £1630 had been withdrawn from the playground account, leaving a nominal £2.80 in the account.  The clerk to investigate the requirements with the Charity Commission.

e)  Accounts – new bank signatory had been actioned.

f)  Church Grass Cutting – half year contribution of £750 for the churchyard grass cutting was authorised.  Total annual cost for both Elmley Castle and Bricklehampton church yards will be £3,000


  • Playing Field – all reapirs now complete and the area re-barked and cleared of weeds.  More work is planned to enhance the entrance from Main Street, to the playing fields, to include cutting back of overgrowth, removing tree stumps and some minor tree works on the maple tree.  Wychavon District Council tree officer is happy with the proposals.  Quotes had been received with Skywalkers being the cheapest.  This work to be paid for from the Joh Eaton Legacy.  Proposed Cllr K Mackison, seconded Cllr Strong.  All in favour.

12.  TREES:

  • Tree Warden – a notice had been placed in the LINK
  • Trees, Millend – the clerk had been advised that residents of Millend had been in contact with County Cllr Hardman with regard necessary cutting back of trees in Millend.  This is a private arrangement and has had no input from the parish council


13.  NEW HOMES BONUS – following the distribution of the flyer to all residents, the three options given by the parish council were supported, with a few other suggestions made.  One for traffic calming was requested by a number of those responding and would be looked at in more detail at our next meeting in September.  It was agreed that £800 be applied for, for the purchase of a defibrillator (with necessary electrical works), and £1500 be applied for, for both the Scout Group and the cricket club (a total of £3,000).  Proposed Cllr Axtell-Powell, seconded Cllr Strong

14.  NOTICE BOARDS  –  the clerk had been in contact with Long Lartin Prison with regard a new notice board at the entrance to the playing field, and a new one in Netherton (I have since been contacted by Mrs Steele that they are happy to keep the existing board for the time being – to be re-considered at a later date).  Size and either posts or wall mounted to be decided.

15.  VILLAGE CROSS –  Nothing to report

 16.  DOG WASTE BIN – New location to be investigated

17.  VILLAGE EMAIL CIRCULATION LIST – The clerk had placed a notice in the LINK asking if anyone was interested in being included in a ‘circulation email list’.         

18.  REPLACEMENT COUNCILLOR – a co-option notice had been placed on the notice boards and website.  Interest for the vacancy had already been received

19.  CORRESPONDENCE – emails had been circulated to Cllrs


  • Following the decision to adopt the phone box, the agreement from BT had been received and approved.  Clerk to sign and return

21.  DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Next meeting on Thursday 7th September at 7.30pm