Minutes for 3 November 2016



 Minutes from a meeting of Elmley Castle, Bricklehampton and Netherton Parish Council, held in the village hall on Thursday 3rd November 2016 at 7.30pm.

OPEN FORUM – Nothing to report

1PRESENT:   Chair D Shaw            Vice Chair J Hickman          Cllr G Hickey,

Cllr S Speed               Cllr K Lewis                          Cllr A Steele

Cllr G Mackison        Clerk L Yapp

District Cllrs G Mackison and M English and two members of the public.

2APOLOGIES:  Apologies were received from M Axtell-Powell

3DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST:  Cllr Mackison – Co-option – candidate K Mackison

4CO-OPTION:   Cllr Mackison left the room – Two applications had been received, Karen Mackison and Mark Axtell-Powell.  There were no objections to either application, proposed Cllr Hickey, seconded Cllr Speed.

Cllr G Mackison re-entered the room, and Cllr K Mackison took her seat as parish council member.

 5APPROVAL OF MINUTES from meetings 1st September, 29th September and 22nd October – proposed Cllr Hickey, seconded Cllr G Mackison




  • Lengthsman – no work requests made
  • Mobile Home Bricklehampton – Planning application had been submitted on 16th September but was invalid.  If not received back by due date, it will be referred to enforcements
  • Village Hall – Cllr Speed reported that the AGM had been postponed.  New LED and outside lighting to be fitted, and a planning application for new extension to be submitted


  • 16/02380 – Nosterns Well, Netherton – Permitted Development conversion from agricultural building to dwelling house – to be discussed at planning meeting, to be arranged.  Since meeting, arranged for 19th November 


  • Approval of payments:

B Arrowsmith                               £187.00

L Yapp (Office Expenses)              15.00

L Yapp (Salary Oct.)                     176.80

B, EC & N VH                                     32.50


Account Balances from last Statements:

Treasurers Account (****4921)       1,312.02

Bus. Bank Instant (****8398)         26,244.75      ( Includes J Eaton Legacy £10,000)

Treasurers Account (****2262)        1,632.80     (Playground)

It was considered that the Playground funds should be included in the Annual Return.




  •    Internal Auditor – it was agreed we appoint Z Kirby as the new internal auditor for the parish council accounts.  Proposed Chair Shaw, seconded Cllr Hickey
  •    Clerks Salary – it was agreed that the clerk be paid monthly, as per HMRC requirements
  •   Bank Mandate – New mandate had been completed and sent off, to add Cllr Hickman and change correspondent to new clerk
  •   External Auditors Report – Chair Shaw referred to comments made by Grant Thornton, to amend balance c/fwd to represent un-presented cheques.  The report would be added to the parish council website.
  •   CALC Membership – much discussion took place, weighing up the pros and cons.  It was agreed to cost into the next budget and discuss further.

11.  DEFIBRILLATOR: Lengthy discussion regarding the effectiveness of the provision of a defibrillator, taking into      account the time to access the equipment and transport to victim.  Cllr Hickman provided statistics which suggested the probability of someone in the community requiring medical aid from a unit were very small.  Chair Shaw asked for councillors to vote whether further investigation was necessary.  Three Cllrs voted to explore further, two Cllrs voted that no further discussion should take place, with one abstention.  It was agreed that advice be sought from the Ambulance service and question whether timescales involved were realistic.


  • Parking on playing field – this is no longer a problem
  •     Re-surfacing – quote had been received from a reputable and reliable company, using semi-permeable materials.  Cllr Hickey would carry out a ‘permeability test’ in the first instance.  Cost, to be between £4,000 and £5,000 to be met from the J Eaton Legacy.  Proposed Cllr Mackison, seconded Cllr Speed.

13.  TREES

  •     Rowan Trees, Main Street – Several these are in poor condition and need to be removed. Advice to be sought from Sally Griffiths (WDC – Tree Officer) and for advice on a suitable replacement.  It was indicated that one variety of tree were too large, and were wrongly planted in the first place.
  •    Tree Warden – Notification for a new tree warden to be placed on the parish council website and in the LINK
  •   Tree Fund Applications – Cllr K Mackison offered to assist Cllr Hickey with the approval (or not) of applications for finance from the Tree Fund.

14.  SAFER ROADS PARTNERSHIP – Speed data had concluded that speeds through Elmley Castle were low and no further action would be taken

15.  YOUTH BUS – Chair Shaw and Cllr Speed had attended a recent open event, publicising the Youth Bus and service it offered.  It was considered that this is something that would be well received by the local children.  Two ‘taster’ sessions in January / February.  As the service relies wholly on donations, it was agreed that this be included in next years’ budget.


  • Application for monies for the village hall extension for £9,000 had been approved
  • Smart Water – No longer to be considered

17.  VILLAGE CROSS – The cross is starting to lean.  Advice is being sought from English Heritage

18.  CORRESPONDENCE – emails had been circulated to Cllrs


  •   Tree adjacent to the bench at the foot of hedges at Brook House has died and been removed.  Approval was given to re-plant a replacement.  Chair Shaw would establish the variety to be planted.
  •   Chair Shaw thanked Cllr Hickman for his help with the recent interview process for the new clerk and welcomed Lynne Yapp.

20.  DATE OF NEXT MEETING  –  Thursday 5th January 2017 at 7.30pm