Draft minutes 7 September 2017



Draft minutes from a meeting of Elmley Castle, Bricklehampton and Netherton Parish Council, held in the village hall on Thursday 7th September2017 at 7.30pm

 OPEN FORUM:  Alice Pearing from St. Richards Hospice gave a presentation, raising awareness of the Hospice and the services on offer.  It was agreed that the Link and the village website should be used to promote what is available.

CO-OPTION – one application had been received for the vacancy.  Jim Douglas from Bricklehampton was co-opted to Elmley Castle Ward, proposed Cllr Shaw, seconded Cllr Axtell-Powell

ELECTION OF VICE CHAIR– Cllr Axtell-Powell accepted to act as Vice-Chair, proposed Cllr Shaw, seconded all.

1PRESENT:   Cllr D Shaw                            Cllr A Steele

Cllr S Speed                                         Cllr J Strong

Cllr K Mackison                      Cllr J Douglas

Cllr M Axtell-Powell             Cllr G Mackison

Clerk L Yapp                         Cllr Hickey

3 Members of the public        County Cllr A Hardman

2APOLOGIES were received from District Cllr M English and Cllrs K Lewis and E Stephens.  Good wishes were asked to be forwarded to District Cllr M English.


  • Cllr Shaw – Life Member of Elmley Castle Cricket Club
  • Cllr Speed – Village Hall Committee – Scout Group Representative

4APPROVAL OF MINUTES from meetings 6th, 13th and 27th July – proposed Cllr Speed, seconded Cllr Axtell-Powell.  All in favour

5COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORT:  County Councillor A Hardman reported that

  • Trees in Millend – these are to be attended to in the Autumn.  WDC Tree Officer had been asked to take a look at the Chestnut and the Plane before any works are carried out.  Works would be financed from the County Cllrs Members Budget and neighbours would be notified
  • Footways Besscaps past the Village Hall – it is hoped that these will be reviewed in the next financial year
  • Overspending by County Council this  year is likely to result in serious budget cut-backs in the next financial year

6DISTRICT COUNCILLORS REPORTS – District Cllr G Mackison report had been circulated to Cllrs.  A copy can be obtained from the clerk


  • Lengthsman – Some remedial work had been carried out at the stream.  It was agreed that he cut everything back as far as possible.  A request also made that he clear weeds etc from the entrance to the playground.



  • Defibrillator – CPR / Defibrillator training sessions had been organised for October 5th
  • Youth Bus – Cllr Speed reported that the bus had been well supported through the summer months and a regular visit, first Thursday of the month had been arranged, from 4 – 5.20pm


  • 17/01586 – Cotswold House, 2 New Road  – There were no objections to this application.  Proposed Cllr K Macksion, seconded Cllr Speed
  • 17/01532  –  Woodcote, Hill Lane, Elmley Castle  – There were no objections to this application, and it was assumed that any technical issues with this application would be dealt with by Wychavon District Council
  • 17/01472  –  Elms Cottage, Netherton Lane, Elmley  –  there were no objections to this application but the parish council were in agreement that they would rather see sky lights as opposed to dormers to the rear of the garage.  There were no problems with the dormers to the front of the garage.  Proposed to support the application with the comments regarding the dormers to be submitted, proposed Cllr Axtell-Powell, seconded Cllr Hickey


  • 9.  FINANCE:

a)   Payments made since the last meeting/to be paid:

Accounts had been circulated to Cllrs and no issues raised.  The clerk provided evidence that HMRC RTI payroll submissions had been made on time.


  • Playing Field – All works had now been carried out, and the area was much improved.  It was agreed to grass over the area from the edge of the new path to the playing field, and this would be financed from the legacy monies.  A request had been made by the family of J Eaton for a bench to be provided.  A fence at the edge of the playing field, adjacent to Kersoe Lane  had been removed as it was in a poor state of repair.  Discussion took place as to whether it should be replaced and it was agreed that it was not necessary.  Repairs had been made to the gate at the entrance to the cricket club.  Thanks were made to Cllr Axtell-Powell for his hard work
  • Cornerstone United – Following an initial request to use the football pitch, this had now been shelved.





11.  TREES:

  • Tree Warden – following the recent notice in the LINK, interest had been shown.  The clerk would liaise with the resident concerned.
  • Trees, Millend – See County Councillors report above
  • Community Orchard – This to be re-visited at a future meeting


  • Defibrillator – approved £800, with training sessions organised.  To be placed in the phone kiosk in Elmley Castle
  • Scout Group – £1500 donation towards new mess tent /marquee – approved
  • Cricket Club – All-weather cricket pitch donation of £1500 – approved

13.  NOTICE BOARDS –  A new notice board had been purchased to be sited at the entrance of the playing field on Main Street

14.  VILLAGE CROSS –  Nothing to report

 15.  DOG WASTE BIN – New location to be investigated.  LITTLER BIN – the bin at the playground had not been emptied over the summer, with Cllr Axtell-Powell doing it himself.  The clerk to speak to WDC requesting that this is still on the emptying schedule

16.  VILLAGE EMAIL CIRCULATION LIST – The recent notice in the LINK had only resulted in a handful of residents contacting the clerk.  However, a list would still be created in the hope that this will grow in time.

17.   BREDON HILL CONSERVATION GROUP –  Cllr K Mackison offered to be the representative for the parish council, proposed Cllr Axtell-Powell, seconded Cllr Speed.  There were no objections to this.  It was agreed that should any application be received by the Group for consultation, details would be circulated via email and if considered necessary a decision made at a meeting.

18.  MOTOR HOME – a complaint had been received from a resident regarding the parking of a large motor home on Main Street.  As the vehicle was taxed etc, and was not causing an obstruction, there was nothing that could be done.  The resident had been informed of this

19.  CORRESPONDENCE – emails had been circulated to Cllrs


  • Steeles Farm / Severn Trent – Cllr Steel advised that the farm had been experiencing problems with drainage over land, and there may become a time in the future that he may require support from the parish council to get this rectified to satisfactory conclusion.  All Cllrs present were in favour of supporting Cllr Steele.  The clerk was asked to inform County Cllr Hardman of this.

21.  DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Next meeting on Thursday 2nd November at 7.30pm