Our Parish Council

Parish Council Vacancies – None

Parish Council Meetings

All Parish Council meetings take place at the Village Hall.

The next Parish Council meeting will take place on:

Thursday July 2nd – to start at 7.00pm. All welcome.

The above meeting has had to be postponed.

The meeting will now take place on

Thursday 16th July at 7pm

Via the meeting platform Zoom at the following link:


Parish Council Members

As at September 2019, these are:

Mr James Hickman, Elm Cottage, Hill Lane, Elmley Castle (768078)  James.Hickman@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mr Jerry Strong, Grove Farm, Pershore Road, Elmley Castle WR10 3HW (710575) Jerry.Strong@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mr James Douglas, Daisy Bank, Bricklehampton WR10 3HJ (710696) Jim.Douglas@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mr David Thompson, Summerwood, 3 Hill Mews, Hill Lane, Elmley Castle (710353) David.Thompson@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mrs Jane Martin, Lea House, Elmley Castle (710967)  Jane.Martin@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mr Chris Ballard, 9 Parkwood, Elmley Castle (710611) Chris.Ballard@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mr Adrian Parker, Broadleaf House, 1 Hill Mews, Elmley Castle (710063)   Adrian.Parker@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mr Andy George, Yew Tree House, Bricklehampton (710122)  Andy.George@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mr James Maude, Toad House, Bricklehampton   James.Maude@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mr Michael Taite, 16 Parkwood, Elmley Castle Michael.Taite@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mr Malcolm Meikle, Little Grange, Owletts Lane, Wick (553577)
Cllr Meikle does not use email



Andrew Robinson (07586 567777)

District Councillors:

Mr George Mackison (Elmley Castle & Netherton) (01386 710351)

Mr Tony Rowley (Bricklehampton) (01386 554019)

County Councillor:

Mr Adrian Hardman (01684 773172)