Our Parish Council

Parish Council Vacancies – None

Parish Council Meetings

All Parish Council meetings take place at the Village Hall.

The next Parish Council meeting will take place on:

Thursday July 2nd – to start at 7.00pm. All welcome.

Parish Council Members

As at September 2019, these are:

Mr James Hickman, Elm Cottage, Hill Lane, Elmley Castle (768078)  James.Hickman@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mr Jerry Strong, Grove Farm, Pershore Road, Elmley Castle WR10 3HW (710575) Jerry.Strong@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mr James Douglas, Daisy Bank, Bricklehampton WR10 3HJ (710696) Jim.Douglas@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mr David Thompson, Summerwood, 3 Hill Mews, Hill Lane, Elmley Castle (710353) David.Thompson@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mrs Jane Martin, Lea House, Elmley Castle (710967)  Jane.Martin@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mr Chris Ballard, 9 Parkwood, Elmley Castle (710611) Chris.Ballard@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mr Adrian Parker, Broadleaf House, 1 Hill Mews, Elmley Castle (710063)   Adrian.Parker@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mr Andy George, Yew Tree House, Bricklehampton (710122)  Andy.George@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mr James Maude, Toad House, Bricklehampton   James.Maude@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mr Michael Taite, 16 Parkwood, Elmley Castle Michael.Taite@ElmleyCastleParishCouncil.gov.uk

Mr Malcolm Meikle, Little Grange, Owletts Lane, Wick (553577)
Cllr Meikle does not use email



Andrew Robinson (07586 567777)

District Councillors:

Mr George Mackison (Elmley Castle & Netherton) (01386 710351)

Mr Tony Rowley (Bricklehampton) (01386 554019)

County Councillor:

Mr Adrian Hardman (01684 773172)