Minutes of meeting 11 May 2017




 Minutes from a meeting of Elmley Castle, Bricklehampton and Netherton Parish Council, held in the village hall on Thursday May 11th  following the Annual Parish Meeting of Elmley Castle and Netherton

 OPEN FORUM:  Nothing to report.

1PRESENT:   Cllr D Shaw                            Cllr J Hickman                            Cllr G Hickey,

Cllr S Speed                                         Cllr K Lewis                                    Cllr A Steele

Cllr G Mackison (also District Cllr)                                           Cllr K Mackison

Cllr M Axtell-Powell             Cllr J Strong                                 Cllr E Stephens

Clerk L Yapp

8 Members of the public

2APOLOGIES were received from District Cllr M English


  • Chair – Cllr Shaw was nominated Chair – proposed Cllr G Macksion, seconded Cllr Axtell-Powell – all in favour
  • Vice Chair – Cllr Hickman was nominated Vice Chair – proposed Cllr Strong, seconded Cllr Axtell-Powell – all in favour

4DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST:  Cllr Strong declared an interest in Item (7) – Planning reference 17/00638

5APPROVAL OF MINUTES from meetings 2nd March and 30th March – proposed Cllr Axtell-Powell, seconded Cllr Strong. All in favour


7DISTRICT COUNCILLORS REPORTS – District Cllr G Mackison reported that Cllr A Hardman had been re-elected as County Cllr.  A full copy of his report can be obtained from the clerk


  • Lengthsman – It was recorded that the Brian Arrowsmith would undertake to keep the playground clear of nettles etc for the rest of the season. This sum is not recoverable from County and is paid by the Parish Council
  • Defibrillator – To discuss later in the meeting under New Homes Bonus
  • Youth Bus – Cllr Speed reported that an average of 10 children were regularly using the Youth Bus, which is encouraging.  Dates had been scheduled for 18th May, 17th June and a further date in July. At present only Thursdays are being included due to the cricket on Fridays for juniors


  • 17/00638, Grove Farm – Relocation of one building and erection of a new building for agricultural storage – Cllr Strong left the room – Discussion took place, it was considered that there was need for additional storage and as a rural area we should be seen to support this.  Proposed Cllr Hickey, seconded Cllr Lewis – all in favour

Cllr Strong re-entered the room

  • 17/00592/LB The Byre, Evesham Road, Bricklehampton – Replace softwood windows and doors with aluminium units – there were no objections to this application.  Proposed Cllr Lewis, seconded Cllr Axtell-Powell – all in favour




a)   Payments made since the last meeting/to be paid:


L Yapp



L Yapp (Office)






WDC – Planning Appl.



L Yapp (Office)



B Arrowsmith



L Yapp



B Arrowsmith (U/pmt)



Accounts had been circulated to Cllrs and no issues raised

b)  HMRC Update –  HMRC had contacted the clerk advising that there was unpaid PAYE of £556 for previous years payroll (2014/2015) but this sum is disputed by the Parish Council.  The clerk had written to HMRC regarding ratifying this and an response is awaited

c)  Pension Regulator – Due to new legislation, he parish council was under obligation to offer the clerk a company pension if she so wished.  A letter had been sent to the clerk and a reply advising this was not needed.  A Declaration of Compliance had been completed to formalise the situation

d)  Tree Fund –  It was recorded that it had been an arrangement of the scheme to pay the clerk 5% of and this should be declared as salary and any PAYE payments made accordingly.  Cllr Hickman advised that one further payment would be added to the fund as he was concentrating on other projects.

e)  Risk Assessment – A copy of the risk assessment had been circulated to Cllrs.  Chair Shaw advised that the cricket club insurance was in place.  A copy of the clerks’ computer passwords had been handed to the chairman for safekeeping in the event of emergency

f)  Yearend accounts 2016/17 – a full copy of the year end accounts had been circulated to Cllrs for approval. No concerns raised.

gInsurance Review – In hand

h)  Annual Return Section 1 – Annual Governance Statement – this was reviewed and approved by the parish council

i)  Annual Return Section 2 – Accounting Statements – these were approved by the parish council

j)  Income & Expenditure Statements – These had been prepared and circulated to Cllrs – There are a few minor adjustments to be made


  • Essential repairs had been carried out the playground.  Cllr Hickey advised that the original quote was for £1696.66 + VAT but an issue brought to the parish councils attention by a parent resulted in a further £135 + VAT to be added (Total £1831.66).  This was an unavoidable expenditure and a safety risk if not actioned. This was the first major spend in ten years.   The clerk was asked to order 12 large bags of the playbark @ £54 each.  He paid thanks to the cricket club for keeping an eye on the playing and for the grass cutting.  Thanks to the J Eaton legacy the entrance had a new permeable entrance way.  Thanks were made to Cllr Hickey for being responsible for the playground, who now decided to step down.  Cllr Axtell-Powell volunteered to take responsibility.  All in favour.

12.  TREES:

  • Tree Warden – the clerk re-advertise for a volunteer
  • Tree Fund Applications – None received

12.  FOOTPATH WARDEN – County Council Footpath Officer Fiona Argyle that they had someone already registered as the footpath warden – the clerk would try and make contact with him.

13.  NEW HOMES BONUS – A survey carried out 12 months ago showed limited response in suggestions, with the proposed village hall extension as the most popular.  Work is scheduled to be carried out in the summer.  Applications received recently are:

  • Elmley Castle Scout Group had asked for a contribution towards a new marquee / mess tent – all Cllrs were in favour of supporting this cause.




  • Cricket Club had asked for a contribution to their new all-weather strip –  All Cllrs were in favour of supporting this cause.
  • Church Bells – major fundraising was necessary to make necessary repairs to the church bells – expected to cost in excess of £100,000.  Seven Cllrs were in favour of making a contribution with 4 having no thoughts.  Enquiries have since been made and criteria for New Homes Bonus does not include any sort of religious projects.
  • Defibrillator –  Discussion was entered into by Cllrs with regard the provision of a defibrillator in the village.  There was mixed thoughts on this following a report made by Cllr Speed.  Peter Hayes (resident) had initially suggested it and he offered to lead the project.  The question was raised as to whether defibrillators should also be provided for Netherton and Bricklehampton.  A proposal made by the Chairman asked if the parish council wants to investigate further the provision of at least one defibrillator, possibly two units.  Proposed Chair Shaw, seconded Cllr Speed.  Six Cllrs voted yes, in favour with five voting against.

In the first instance it was agreed a flier to distributed to all households asking if they supported the above suggestions made before allocating funds to each project

14.  NOTICE BOARDS – The clerk was asked to speak to Long Lartin Prison to see if they are still able to provide the wooden notice boards

 15.  VILLAGE CROSS – A site meeting had taken place with Chair Shaw and Dr Rimmington from Historic England.  He last visited the Cross about 5 years ago and there now showed to be some slight sign of stress fractures.  Further research would need to be carried out and his report is expected end of May/early June

16.  DOG WASTE BIN – following complaints from a resident in Hill Lane concerning dog poo bags being thrown in hedges the Parish Council agreed, in principle, to purchase a dog waste bin.  The public footpath sign near Whites Farm was suggested as a possible location and Chair Shaw undertook to research the necessary formalities.

17.  BREDON HILL CONSERVATION GROUP – Following discussion it was agreed that the parish council will support the group but until we could find a willing volunteer there was no interest at the moment.  It was agreed that a request be put in the LINK

18.  VILLAGE EMAIL LIST – A suggestion was made that we hold a list of all residents wishing to be included for the purpose of passing on information.  This was approved by all.  The clerk to action

19.  POLICIES:  The following policies were adopted by the parish council, and it was agreed they be reviewed each MayStanding Orders / Financial regulations /Freedom of Information / Health & Safety / Complaints / Co-Option /Equality & Diversity /Members Code of Conduct.  The clerk was add to the Standing Orders “that site visits would be made for planning applications unless it was considered to a minor amendment and this would be agreed via email”

19.  CORRESPONDENCE – emails had been circulated to Cllrs

20.   OTHER ITEMS FOR INFORMATION / DISCUSSION – Chair Shaw pointed out that currently we hold £20,000 of reserves.  This should be specifically allocated for clarity

21.  DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Next meeting on Thursday 7th July