Minutes Meeting 2nd March 2017



Minutes from a meeting of Elmley Castle, Bricklehampton and Netherton Parish Council, held in the village hall on Thursday March 2nd at 7.30pm.

OPEN FORUM:  Two residents from The Lane, Bricklehampton brought to the parish councils attention the poor state of The Lane.  Photos had been taken and both the clerk and the residents had reported this on the County Council website.  County Cllr A Hardman was also made aware of the problems.

1PRESENT:   Chair D Shaw                                     Vice Chair J Hickman                 Cllr G Hickey,

Cllr S Speed                                         Cllr K Lewis                                    Cllr A Steele

Cllr G Mackison (also District Cllr)                                           Cllr K Mackison

Cllr M Axtell-Powell             Cllr J Strong                                 County Cllr A Hardman

District Cllr M English                       Clerk L Yapp

3 Members of the public

2APOLOGIES:  None received

3DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST:  Chair Shaw declared interest in discussion regarding Elmley Castle Cricket Club

4APPROVAL OF MINUTES from meeting 5th January – proposed Cllr Axtell-Powell, seconded Cllr S Speed. All in favour

5COUNTY COUNCILLORS REPORT:  County Cllr Hardman reported that the stream in Main Street had been looked at, and it would appear there is no immediate concerns, but the condition of the walls should be monitored.  The Riddings – no planning application had been submitted as yet.

6DISTRICT COUNCILLORS REPORTS – District Cllr English briefly discussed the two planning applications in Bricklehampton.


  • Lengthsman – a request made to re-instate grips on the Elmley Road between the junction and South Lodge
  • Defibrillator – Nothing to report
  • Youth Bus – Following a positive start, additional sessions had been scheduled.  Thanks were made to Cllr Speed for organising the sessions.  A contribution would be made in the 2017/18 financial year


  • 7/00120/LB  Bricklehampton Hall – Essential repairs to the cupola on The Coach House, Bricklehampton – there were no objections
  • 17/00038/HP Woodmans Cottage, Hill Lane, Elmley Castle – Single storey extension to sunroom – all councillors were in full support of the application, proposed Cllr Lewis, seconded Cllr Cllr Hickey
  • 17/00198 Bank Cottage, The Lane, Bricklehampton – minor rear extension to create larger dining area – all councillors were in full support of the application, proposed Cllr G Mackison, seconded Cllr Speed
  • 17/00204 9 Cornmill, Elmley Castle  –  single storey rear extension and new front porch – all councillors were in full support of the application no objections, proposed Cllr Strong, seconded Cllr G Mackison
  • Standing Order – for commenting on minor planning applications – It was agreed that:

(i)                 Planning applications continue to be circulated via email

(ii)               If agreed that the application is for a minor alteration, or a recently visited property – no site visit is necessary

(iii)             Comments on any minor amendment to be agreed via email

(iv)              Anything other than a minor amendment would result in a site visit and full discussion at a meeting


  • Payments made since the last meeting/to be paid:


612 £1164 (Trees work)

613 £353.60 (Clerk)

614 £15.00 (Clerk expenses)

616 £132.00 (Lengthsman)

615 – cancelled

Accounts had been circulated to Cllr and no issues raised

  • HMRC – Previous clerks PAYE still required rectifying – Advise had been sought and it is hopeful that this should be finalised before financial year end


  • Re-surfacing – Cllr Hickey advised that he had carried out a permeability test, and the ground appeared suitable for the proposed works.

Quote received £4549 + vat for non-permeable / £4705 + vat for permeable

  • Essential Repairs – To the value of £1697 + vat deemed necessary at the playground.  The playground account held most of the monies required and it was agreed the parish council make up any shortfall.  Proposed Cllr Axtell-Powell, seconded Cllr Lewis.
  • All Cllrs were in agreement we proceed with the permeable option, proposed Cllr G Mackison, seconded Cllr S Speed

11.  TREES:

  • Tree Works, Main Street – now completed.  It was agreed that two Rowans remain at the request of village resident.  Their condition to be re-assessed in the spring.
  •  Thanks were made to Cllr Strong for clearing tree debris following Storm Doris
  • Tree Warden – Following the recent request for a volunteer tree warden, one candidate had come forward.  Currently trading as a tree surgeon, it was agreed we offer him the opportunity to act as tree warden for Elmley Castle, Bricklehampton and Netherton, but the only concern raised was whether there would be a conflict of interest if he wanted to quote for any future tree works / maintenance.  It was agreed the clerk contact him, offer him the role of Tree Warden, but on the understanding we would not ask him to quote for any tree works, for the parish council, in Elmley Castle, Bricklehampton or Netherton.  Proposed Cllr Strong, seconded Cllr K Mackison
  • Tree Fund Applications – One application received

12.  FOOTPATH WARDEN – Chair offered to act as Footpath Warden.  The clerk would contact Fiona Argyll of the change


  • Village Hall Extension – Expected to start Summer 2017

14.  NOTICE BOARDS – It had been identified that three new boards were required in Bricklehampton, Netherton and entrance to the playing fields.  The lengthsman had sources some for £70 each which appeared suitable.  Proposed Cllr Speed, seconded Cllr Strong.  Since meeting LM has advised that the wooden option may be slightly more expensive.  Approval from the parish council would be sought before any purchase made

 15.  VILLAGE CROSS – Information regarding the deterioration of the cross had been received from a village resident and forwarded to Historic England.  Further investigations are being carried out, with photographic evidence, before any final recommendations.  An extract from the email would be placed on the village website for information to the parishes

16.  CORRESPONDENCE – emails had been circulated to Cllrs


19.  DATE OF NEXT MEETING – Next meeting on Thursday 11th May 2017 at 7.30pm (deferred by a week due to elections in the village hall on May 4th).


  • Agreement between Elmley Castle Cricket Club / Pershore Cricket Club – No objections to renewal of the current  agreement,  Clerk to advise ECCC
  • Artificial Wicket – A request made for an artificial wicket to be installed at the playing fields – there were no objections, but the pitch should be re-instated to its current condition if the Cricket Club cease.  A further request that it be sited in such a way that there is no infringement on the pitch if ever Elmley Castle resurrected the football team.  Proposed Cllr Axtell-Powell, seconded Cllr Lewis
  • Responsibility of Grounds – As Trustees to the playing fields, it was agreed that the parish council should have a copy of the Cricket Clubs Insurance (and to check adequate Public Liability cover).  The grounds to be added to the risk assessment